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Bchoy Uniform

Bchoy Uniform

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the staple uniform of our good pal Brandon Choy, a waffle knit thermal and cropped/chopped plaid button down shirt, the perfect skate/surf SoCal inspired combo!


select your true to size fit OR size up if you don't want the shirt too short!

Let us know your color preference in the order notes at check out! All thermals will be white/cream but we can accommodate to pretty much any short sleeve shirt color :)

Vintage 1980s to modern thermals and shirts!

Thermals will fit relatively tight to the body, chopped button ups will measure at ROUGHLY

S- 21x22 M- 22x23 L- 23x24 XL- 25+x26 (please allow a few inches to vary on each! they will fit relatively cropped and boxy)

Message any questions to our instagram! Give Bchoy a follow on his socials :)

IG- @Brandon._.choy     @surfskatesnow.vtg

Tik Tok- @choyb123

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